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    Retirement Village In Howick

Whilst we have life - let’s live life to the full!

The No 1 Retirement Village In Howick

Many Facilities

To Enjoy

Amberglen is fulled with many features and facilities available to it’s very active residents, including a community centre, A frail care centre, a clinic, a swimming pool and a host of other well organised activities.

Country Living

Out In The Open

Residents can enjoy very spacious outdoor  lifestyle, Including fishing and walks by our large dam the many walking paths, Playing croquet or even taking the dog out for a walk. There is lots of fresh air around.

Young At Heart

Active Lifestyle

Retirement does not mean you have to slow down. Amberglen retirement village allows you to enjoy your golden years and make many new memories, with friends old or new. We are not just a "retirement" village.

Retirement Village

Amberglen Retirement village is located in the beautiful country side of Howick. Boosting 600 properties while still feeling very spacious. Amberglen Retirement Village is affectionately known by its residents as “The Glen”. It is a community of 430 cottages that are owned under Sectional Title. This is a well-managed village. It is not so small that it cannot provide a variety of amenities and benefits. On the other hand, it is not so large that it appears unfriendly and overwhelming.
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